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Natanael Țudic

Nati Tudic Photography

Fotograf: Natanael Țudic
Înscris în catalog de 7 luni
Se deplasează din Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
 0748 260 *** vezi telefonul

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Despre Nati Tudic Photography

Everything started back in 2009, at the age of 14. I like to travel, to see new places, new people. My journey into photography began after a "photo shoot" with two of my old toy cars. Blurry backgrounds, lights & nice colors; that's what I loved at my first photo session. This is my first story since the beginning. Being a teenager it was difficult to get quick into photography, to understand it well. Kept working hard, tried new things, perspectives, but still a long way. I believe that images have the power to tell stories and I hope that my photographs are going towards that direction. Fight for your dreams; they can become reality!