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Westfalia Films

Cameraman: Andrei Onisie
Înscris în catalog de 2 ani și 8 luni
Se deplasează din Brasov
 0740 107 *** vezi telefonul

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Despre Westfalia Films

-- Yes, our films may play for the eyes, but in reality, they play for you--

You are more than a video
your life is more than a film
more than pixels and megabits.
More than all our cameras and lenses.
You are the atmosphere,
the light and the sound of the wind.
The air and the oxygen in it.
You are time and the passing of the clock-hands
when you dance in the fields
or breathe in the moment
when life gives it to you.
This is what you are and thus,
that makes us who we are.
We are there to live life with you
and help you relive it again and again
every time you see it.